1706 - 22nd Avenue, PO Box 126
Kenosha WI 

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2109

im Schnee festsitzen Trail Run CaniXC

Ready to enjoy the winter wonderland of Bristol Woods / Pringle Nature Center?

Bristol Woods have wide and welcoming trails and almost completely run in the woods on this hilly course.  The loops is approximately 3.1 miles and the official CaniXC distance is 3.1 miles, you are welcome to run or walk as much as you like over a 2 hour period.   We will have some division awards, fun awards and some personal.  This event is held in conjunction with our run/walk/snowshoe trail event.  The CaniCross will start 5 minutes ahead of the trail event.

Make sure to read Rover’s Rules.  Thank you for your ongoing support and love for this sport.  Please contact us with any questions, ideas, etc.  Phone: 262-652-866  •  E-mail: briant@kenosharunningcompany.com


for CaniXC:
Pre-post run or walk, all dogs must be on a short leash. Dogs must be under control around other dogs, runners & walkers.  Owners, please be aware of children approaching your dog.  Clean up after your dog.  No dogs inside buildings.  We want this to be a fun, safe event for everyone and every dog.