About Us

Just a few years ago I had never heard about CaniCross and now we are hosting numerous CaniCross events!    
Our trail event series,
www.XCThrillogy.com have always provide dog-friendly events and have grown over the past four years from two events to twenty event dates.  In conjunction with the trail series, we have five CaniCross events and one exclusive dog/owner only event.  
Honestly we are new to the whole CaniCross world, just like many of you.  All of our events are on trails and currently all events are held in Kenosha County, far Southeast corner of Wisconsin.  About 50 miles north of Chicago and 20 miles south of Milwaukee.  The distances we offer to runners and walkers vary from event to event, but we generally have more than one distance to offer.
We have a laid back approach to our events; with our focus on being well organized, provide a great trail route, embrace a welcoming and friendly environment, and have great post event food and drink.  We are very open to ideas and suggestions on how to improve our events and website to provide the experience and information you would like and benefit from.  Please reach out and share! 
Please help us grow this sport of CaniCross!
Brian Thomas


Need CaniCross equipment or running dog equipment? ​
We are now proudly a stocking partner for:

Howling Dog Alaska                     Non-Stop Dog Wear                       Kurgo

These products will be available at all our events and at our Kenosha location.
Questions?  Please contact ​262-925-0300 or e-mail


1706 - 22nd Avenue, PO Box 126
Kenosha WI