2020 Event Schedule!

May 29th – 31st
Remember Our Military Heroes​​Swag: This one will take an ongoing effort from you and us... I would like those that signed up to send us one of your race medals with a story about that run or yourself...  mail them to: Kenosha Running Company, 1706 - 22nd Ave Kenosha, WI 53140. Then we will start mailing them out to other virtual runners.  Please mail yours as soon as you sign up.

ONLY $25


1706 - 22nd Avenue, PO Box 126
Kenosha WI 

Coronavirus Virtual Trail, Road, Treadmill & CaniCross

“Keep Your Sanity” Series

This series is to help keep us motivated, connected, have a little fun and do our part to assist in keeping up everyone’s spirits that are negatively impacted by the craziness that is swirling through our life and country.

This series will feature two events that will last over a weekend and two events that will last for an entire week.  You can run/walk one of the days or all of the days. You will be posting your mileage, location of your run, and any other information you are comfortable sharing on our Facebook page, Kenosha Running Company.

We will stay the course in doing our best keep our running and Canicross Community active and connected.

​Everyone is welcome, whether you are running/walking on the trails, roads, with or without a dog, or on the dreaded treadmill.